We know that joining a new community can be a bit awkward, but hopefully this guide will help clarify how to navigate the ARCrypto website.

Site Navigation

The black bar across the top of the page is the easiest way to navigate the site.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the options.

News Feed – This is the Home page. It shows others who are online and recent activity on the site. You can post updates, catch up on the community news, or comment on other’s posts.

Groups – Here you can join interest groups. Each group has a forum where you can ask questions or start discussions. If there are documents, videos, or other related content to the group, you can find it here. Some Groups are “Private”, and require approval from a moderator to join. For instance, the Infinity Group is only accessible to those ARC members that are in the Infinity Group Learning program. Feel free to get active in Groups, post articles you find interesting, ask questions, and more!

Learn – All of our self-guided courses can be found here. Start with “Launchpad” to build a solid foundation for your crypto journey. Once “Launchpad” is complete, you are ready to dive into “ARC Revolution: Galaxy” and start your DeFi education. Here you’ll learn all about crypto and DeFi and how to navigate the space as a safe and savvy investor.

– Feeling confident with DeFi and interested in Taurus Managed Vault? The “Understanding the Managed Vault” course is the place to go to get informed and involved.

Events – Upcoming events will be listed in the Events tab. When you click on an event, you can add it to your calendar to set a reminder. A Zoom link will also be embedded. This will activate once the host starts the meeting.

Explore – The Explore tab has so much information!

Video ARChive is where you’ll find recordings from all recent live classes. You can filter videos by topic.

Official Links. Here you can find a curated list of resources to refer to. All ARC social media links, as well as links where you can buy key tools, such as VPN and hard wallet, and also research sites that we frequently use and like are all found here.

Swag Store. Lastly, if you would like to represent ARC with branded hats, t-shirts, hoodies, etc, head over to the Swag Store and pick up yours today!

User Tools

The gold bar along the left of the screen shows notifications that relate to you, specifically.


Orientation is where you find yourself currently.

Roadmap is an outline of the student journey with ARC and will walk you through where to start today, what to do tomorrow, and where you will be in the coming weeks to months. Everyone’s journey is slightly different, but this will give you a framework to follow.


Timeline can be thought of as your profile page on Facebook. You can see your posts and people you’re connected with, and there are links to things, like courses and groups, from right there in your timeline.

Connections shows you who you have connected to as friends. You can add someone as a friend by visiting their profile and clicking “connect”. You’ll be friends once they accept your request.

Messages will show you any direct messages you have received from a fellow community member. You can send messages by visiting someone’s profile and clicking the three horizontal dots under their name.
– Please note: ARC staff will not DM you unless you specifically request it.

Notifications will show you any updates that pertain to you. Maybe you gained access to a group, someone sent or accepted a connection request, or someone you’re friends with shared a post. You can choose what notifications you get in your profile settings.


Groups will show you any groups you are a part of or any group invites you have outstanding. Once you get the basics of DeFi down, try branching out into other areas of the community. Joining different groups will allow you to see what all the ARC has to offer.

Forums will show you any interactions you’ve had with forums, whether its starting one, commenting on one, or favoriting one to be easily viewed again later.

Blogs is essentially the same thing, but specifically for blogs. Here you can interact with any blogs that have been written.


My Account is the hub for all things “you”. From your account dashboard you can view your recent orders, manage your membership, and edit your password and account details.

Member Dashboard serves many purposes. From here, you can get directly to lessons you may have left unfinished, view community members, and get caught up with the latest updates in the ARC.

Get Help is the best way to get support on account related issues. When it comes to investment questions, it is best to consult the community and the awesome group of coaches you have at your disposal. Please reserve this option for questions you can’t get answered in the community.

Account Settings is where you can go to edit login info, manage notifications, and fine-tune your privacy settings.

Memberships is your one-stop shop for upgrading your status in the community once you’ve learned all there is to learn in the Launchpad and beyond.

Log Out will sign you out of your account.


Download our mobile app! ARC’s platform can also be accessed via moblie app, available for both Apple and Android. To install, head over to your app store and search for, “ARC Edu”. On the app, you’ll be able to access the courses, join live classes, and interact with other ARC members and coaches in the Groups, just like on the website. Your same credentials will work on both website and mobile app.

Navigation for the app is along the bottom of the screen. Here, you’ll find Home, News Feed, Courses, Groups, and More. Under the More tab is where you can find the Video ARChive recordings, as well as links to Events


  1. Be respectful to each others thoughts and opinions. We will not tolerate any insults, racism, harassment or threats of violence against members, even as a joke.
  2. No solicitation of members or staff. Posts or DM’s requesting donations or asking other members to send you funds are not allowed.
  3. Refrain from posting affiliate links in the News Feed or Groups to non-ARC projects. Too often, we’ve found many of these projects to be scams. That is not to say that the project you are interested in is a scam, but the ARC team does not have the bandwidth to verify or validate them all. Of paramount importance is protecting our community, thus we cannot allow the posting of affiliate links. Thank you for understanding.
  4. Do not DM the staff. We are a small team, and cannot get to all the many direct messages we receive in a timely manner. Please post your questions to the Crypto Beginners or DeFi Q&A Groups.