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  • Galaxy: Advanced Strategies in Decentralized Finance


E-learning Courses + ARC Community Live Group Sessions

The Galaxy membership is your entry portal into the crypto universe. Not only will you learn about DeFi through our two self-guided online eCourses, but as a Galaxy member of the ARC community, you will have access to weekly live groups and chats. Engage with life coaches on topics from elevating your mindset to the latest opportunities in crypto with like-minded people from all around the world.

Who should become a Galaxy member?

  • Crypto Beginners:  if you are just starting to invest in crypto and need to understand the basics
  • Crypto Novices: if you have some investments into crypto using any of the popular exchanges, like Coinbase, Kraken, or have bought some bitcoin ETF’s in your stock portfolio
  • Crypto Explorers: if you ready to learn and explore what decentralized finance is all about, and the opportunities for wealth creation, and real control of your own money
  • Crypto Committed: If you want a direct connection with some of our coaches and people just like you, a Galaxy month-to-month membership is the most cost-efficient way into the  ARC Community via some of our weekly live webinars, groups and chats
  • Crypto Educated: If you have some experience with trading crypto with centralized platforms like Coinbase or you have dabbled with your own DeFi wallet,  the 2-part course within your Galaxy Membership will teach you how to use the tools of decentralized finance and how to navigate the different protocols safely, so that you can further capitalize on your crypto investments

What’s included?

Galaxy’s eCourses: Launchpad and Discover DeFi

Launchpad is a self-guided online, prerequisite eCourse that provides exactly the knowledge you need to learn before you can begin to use the tools of DeFi. (See below for everything you will learn in Launchpad.)

Discover DeFi is the second part of your Galaxy self-guided eCourse.  We teach you all the basics of decentralized finance, how to utilize and navigate the various protocols, and how to get started on your journey to become your own bank.  (See below for everything you will learn in Discover DeFi)

Our pre-recorded content and education program has been carefully designed to ensure you have everything you will need to be ready to thrive in the decentralized financial ecosystem.

Galaxy Launchpad includes:

  • Welcome call
  • Welcome guide
  • Roadmap
  • ARC Education Platform tour
  • What is crypto, blockchain, and DeFi?
  • Security must-have checklist
  • Avoiding scams
  • What is a CEX and KYC?
  • How to set up and fund your account (on a CEX).
  • What is a crypto wallet and how to set one up
  • Setting up your own MetaMask account, your first DeFi wallet
  • Connecting your wallet to decentralized application

Galaxy Discover DeFi includes:

  • Intro to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
    • Moving money
    • DeFi vs. CeFi (Centralized finance)
    • DeFi exchanges (DEX’s)
    • Swapping, buying and selling in DeFi
  • Liquidity Pools and Farming
  • Defi Deep Dive
    • Impermanent Loss
    • Slippage and Price Impact
    • Cross-chain Bridging
  • Getting Smarter
    • Researching Good Projects
    • Risks in DeFi
    • Portfolio Allocations and Taking Profit
  • Interactive activities, practicing, and knowledge checks

Galaxy’s interactive online courses and ARC community membership access are available on your desktop or the ARC Education app on your mobile phone.

Membership into the ARC Community

Your Galaxy membership includes access into the amazing ARC community and several of our weekly live group discussions and meetings. Here you will be able to interact with some of our thought leaders, our coaches, and other like-minded people from all over the globe. Our mission of bringing abundance and financial freedom to everyone is most felt and expressed through these weekly sessions. You will not only learn about what’s going on in crypto, but also be guided by life coaches that teach how to elevate your mindset, how to thrive in a decentralized world, and many other topics to create an abundant life.

  • ARC Community: Live Weekly Group Sessions
    • Ascension Mondays
    • Tech Tuesdays
    • Thrive Thursdays
    • Saturday School

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