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  • Galaxy: Advanced Strategies in Decentralized Finance


  • Galaxy: Advanced Strategies in Decentralized Finance
    • Overview: Galaxy is a self-guided, comprehensive course designed for those who don’t know anything or have a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies and DeFi. It delves deeper into how to actively participate and potentially profit in the DeFi space.
    • Content: The course includes advanced topics such as smart contract basics, yield farming, liquidity pool mining, and risk management strategies. It also explores various DeFi platforms and tools, offering practical insights on how to engage effectively and responsibly in the market.
    • Features: Hands-on tutorials, real-world case studies, and access to a community forum for discussions. Ideal for individuals looking to expand their knowledge and start applying DeFi strategies for potential financial gains.
  • What does this course include?
    • Access to community chats and e-learning platform
    • Self Guided Course that includes the following:
      • Types of Crypto Wallets
      • Fundamentals of DeFi Networks
      • Moving Money in DeFi
      • CeFi vs DeFi
      • Introduction to Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)
      • Swapping, buying, and selling in DeFi
      • Liquidity Pools and Yield Farming
      • DeFi Portfolio Management and Profit Taking Strategies
      • Impermanent Loss
      • Slippage and Price Impact
      • Cross-Chain Bridging
      • Researching Good Projects and Risks in DeFi
      • Portfolio Allocations and Taking Profit
    • Live weekly alpha classes
      • ARC Orientation
      • Ascension Club
      • Social Media Training
      • Tech Tuesday
      • Thrive Thursday
      • Saturday School

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