• Launchpad: Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance


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  • Launchpad: Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance
    • Overview: Launchpad is the ideal entry point for beginners in cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi). This course demystifies the basics, clearly understanding what cryptocurrencies are and how DeFi operates.
    • Content: The course covers the history of the ARC and what are digital currencies, the fundamentals of blockchain technology, the principles of DeFi, and an introduction to various cryptocurrencies. It provides a solid foundation for understanding the market and prepares learners for more advanced concepts.
    • Features: Interactive modules, engaging video lectures, and simple quizzes to test your knowledge. Perfect for those curious about the digital finance world but unsure where to start.
  • What does this course include?
    • Pre-recorded content on our exclusive members site to include:
    • Welcome to the ARC kickoff video
    • Welcome Guide 
    • Story of the ARC
    • Student journey roadmap
    • Members Site Tour
    • What is crypto? What is blockchain? What is DeFi?
    • Security – Pilot’s checklist
    • Avoiding scams
    • Onramp, CEX, KYC explained
    • walkthrough (funding account, buying crypto)
    • Crypto wallets, setting up MetaMask, sending, connecting wallet to DAPP