ARCrypto’s Galaxy membership

We teach students across the globe how to achieve financial freedom and generate intergenerational wealth using the latest in decentralized finance (DeFi).

ARC brings together students across the world to learn in a virtual LIVE community setting with the goal of helping students achieve their financial goals step-by-step.

The ARC empowers students with knowledge, tools, and resources to achieve their financial goals, regardless of investment size or skill level. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Learning crypto and decentralized finance can feel like you are learning a new language. If you are committed and dedicated to learning how you can use the latest technology to generate intergenerational wealth, your persistence will likely pay off, and the community at the ARC is built to support its students to achieve their life goals.

Galaxy Course

ARC’s Galaxy membership offers students self-guided, comprehensive crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi) courses. Whether you are a newbie, novice, HODLer, or advanced crypto investor, ARC offers comprehensive on-demand video tutorials for students to learn the most advanced protocols in DeFi using blockchain and smart contract technology.

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The Galaxy membership offers courses for beginners and advanced crypto investors alike with practical insights on how to engage safely and strategically in DeFi. Take advantage of LIVE weekly classes designed to reinforce the content in the self-guided courses. You will find support among community members dedicated to changing the trajectory of their life.

Beginner Self-Guided Courses

ARC’s Launchpad video series offers interactive modules, engaging video lectures, and simple quizzes to test your knowledge. Perfect for those curious about the digital finance world but unsure where to start.

Advanced Self-Guided Courses

The Galaxy membership offers advanced content that delves deeper into how to actively participate and potentially profit in the DeFi space. Advanced self-guided videos covering topics included smart contract basics, yield farming, liquidity pool mining, and risk management strategies. This content also explores various DeFi platforms and tools, offering practical insights on how to engage effectively and responsibly in the market.

Community Benefits

Get access to community forums for discussion and questions, hands-on tutorials, affinity groups, real-world case studies, LIVE classes, in-person Mastermind events, and so much more!

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