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  • Gravity: Exclusive VIP Course for Mastery in DeFi


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  • Infinity: Exclusive VIP Course for Mastery in DeFi
    • Overview: Infinity is an elite, comprehensive program offering personalized learning experiences in cryptocurrency and DeFi. This VIP course is tailored for individuals serious about deeply understanding and actively engaging in the DeFi market.
    • Content: Besides covering all topics from Launchpad and Galaxy, Infinity offers exclusive insights into emerging trends, advanced investment strategies, and examples of portfolio management. It includes live group classes AND the possibility to buy one-on-one mentoring sessions, and direct support from experts in classes and through the community.
    • Features: Customized learning paths, direct access to ARC’s crypto professionals, exclusive webinars, and a private community for networking and support. Perfect for dedicated learners aiming for proficiency and success in the DeFi ecosystem.
  • What does this course include?
      • Self-guided course access
      • 5 Week Live Course and access to recordings
        • Week 1: Intro to Crypto and DeFi, moving $ from Centralized Exchanges into DeFI
        • Week 2: DeFi Functions – Sending, swapping, & bridging
        • Week 3: Providing liquidity on a DEX, yield farming, intro to concentrated liquidity
        • Week 4: Project research, portfolio management, profit taking, live project evaluation
        • Week 5: Concentrated liquidity deep dive and strategies with Coach Igor
      • Live weekly alpha classes
        • ARC Orientation
        • Tech Tuesday
        • Exclusive access to Gvensday (Wednesday) 
        • Thrive Thursday
        • Saturday School
        • Office Hours
    • Lifetime ARC subscription
    • No Taurus Vault exit fees for 24 months
    • Exclusive NFT
    • Option to purchase 1 on 1 coaching tailored to your needs and goals

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